Cardinal Pond

Cardinal Pond

As part of the master plan for Arbor Estates subdivision, a pond is being constructed in the north east corner of the subdivision near Agnes Patterson Park. This pond, which will be a fishable habitat, will be part of the City’s park system when it is complete.

Update - 12/1/2020

With the recent completion of the Arbor Estates Grading project in northeast Newton the City has added Cardinal Pond to the City's park system. As the pond continues to fill this fall, here is some important information for residents and visitors:

  • The pond and surrounding park ground will remain closed to the public through the winter. A dormant seeding was recently completed, and the ground is not ready to be open to the public.
  • As the pond continues to fill, the water will freeze this winter. It is important to KEEP OFF THE ICE. No skating, fishing, or walking on the ice this winter.
  • DO NOT dump in fish into the pond. The Iowa Department of National Resources (Iowa DNR) will be stocking the pond in the spring. Partnering with the Iowa DNR allows us access to some great programs and natural fish species.

Additional updates and information will be shared over the next several months.