Winter Trail Loop

winter trail loopThe City of Newton's Community Services Department is doing a trial run on a new winter recreation activity - a winter trail loop! Department staff will be clearing snow from the hike & bike trail loop at Agnes Patterson Park to provide a walking path around the park. They will also plow a small area for parking. This activity will promote outdoor activities and exercise during the winter months. Agnes Patterson Park is the only park in Newton's park system to have a looped trail, making it the perfect location for this winter activity. 

A few other critical points concerning this trial run on a winter trail loop:

  • Snow removal on this loop is a lower priority to City staff. Their normal snow removal activities on City parking lots, alleys, and other locations will take precedence. 
  • This loop does not include the trail winding through the Arboretum, so people should not park in the Krumm Center parking lot. A plowed parking area is available near the soccer concession stand in the north parking lot. You can access this area off of E 31st St N. The gates north of the Krumm Center lot and the N 4th Ave E entrance will be closed.
  • Due to recently poured concrete trail repairs, the City cannot use deicing materials (salt, brine, etc.) on the trail loop this winter. So be aware that the trail loop may be slick. 
  • If Newton gets frequent heavy snow events that include drifting snow or lots of ice, we may suspend this activity for the season. 
  • People using the trail loop for walking or jogging should be aware of possible changing surface conditions due to snowfall, refreezing, or blowing snow.

Questions? Contact the Community Services Department at 641-792-1470.