Special Events

The Special Events Policy & Application were established by City Council in 2022. The goals for the policy and application include:

  • Provide a safe environment for attendees and organizers of large events.
  • Limit the impact to transportation in the community.
  • Keep residents informed of events affecting their area.

Click here to download the Special Events Policy & Application.

More Information

Special event applications shall be SUBMITTED NO LATER THAN THIRTY (30) BUSINESS DAYS prior to date requested for the special event. It is recommended applicants submit a minimum of ninety (90) days in advance of any requested special event to ensure adequate time for review and to clarify any questions which may result in denial. 

The purpose of special events are twofold: 1) to be community building in nature, and 2) to showcase the Newton community to visitors. Therefore, these events should be planned as open and free to the public. 

This special event policy applies to all events where attendance is expected to be in excess of two-hundred (200) people including attendees and staffing. The only exceptions are:

  • Events contained completely on private property for businesses designated for entertainment.
  • Events contained completely on private property for religious organizations or events.
  • Events contained completely within a park in the City of Newton.  Discussion regarding the size of the event in a park should be completed with the Community Services Department of the City of Newton.
  • Events at large recreational and amusement facilities/parks, sports arenas, fields, and complexes where a street closure or traffic management plan is necessitated, and/or events at said facilities with an incident action and emergency operations plan for the individual event approved by the City of Newton Public Safety Departments.

Event organizers who wish to hold a special event that requires an entry fee should complete the Special Events Application and provide a written explanation as to why they are charging a fee, which explains how their events will build up the community and showcase Newton to visitors. That written explanation should be directed to the City Council, who may approve or deny such a request. The application and the written explanation should be provided to the Fire Chief at least ninety (90) days in advance of the planned event so that the Fire Chief has adequate time to work with the City Clerk to have a resolution placed on an upcoming City Council Agenda.