Adult Dodgeball League

Hosted at Maytag Park’s Tennis Courts. For adults 18 years and up. 

The league will consist of 6 games plus a league tournament. The league will begin on June 7, ends on July 12 and will conclude with a tournament on July 19.

The registration deadline is May 26 and cost is $160 per team. Only teams who have registered and paid by the deadline will be allowed to play.

Online Registration

Register online AND pay your registration online.

Register by Mail or In-Person

Download a Co-ed League registration form and league rules. Return to our office.

Roster & Waiver

Complete the roster and waiver form before your team can play their first game on June 1.


Victoria Jordan
Parks Recreation Specialist
Email Victoria
641-792-6622 ext. 2305

Parks Rec - Dodgeball (2023)

General Rules

  1. Teams must have 6 players out on the court to start. Teams can have up to 8 players max on a roster.
  2. Each games run 20 minutes unless a team wins beforehand. The next game will start 10-minute after the finished game. 
  3. These games are self-refereed. Please be fair and honest!
  4. Balls will start at the midline at each game
  5. Players that step on or across the midline will be out. You must stay within the tennis court lines. You are allowed to step out of the tennis court lines to retrieve any ball that is throw past you on your side of the court.
  6. Players who are hit by a ball thrown by the opposing team are out. Unless:
    1. The ball is caught before hitting the ground
    2. The thrown ball is deemed an intentional head shot
    3. The thrown ball has hit another player first
  7. A player who throws the ball resulting in a head shot is out unless the opposing player is ducking to avoid the ball, in which the player being hit is out
  8. You may block a thrown ball with a held ball. However, if you drop the held ball during the act of blocking or the thrown ball still ends up hitting or grazing your body after the block, you are out.
  9. When you get an opposing player out, your teammates that was eliminated by that opposing player may return to the court.
  10. Game ends when all opposing players are out. If time is up, the team with the most players left on court wins. If time is up and have same number of players on each side, teams will pick one player to be on their court. Each player will receive 2 balls and line up on