Homebound Readers

Homebound Reader Service

The Homebound Reader Service is a free program designed for those who are confined to their homes by an illness or injury, either temporary or long term. If you are interested in Homebound Reader Service, you may contact the library at to request an application form. Application forms will be mailed to your residence and may be returned via mail to the library. Patrons within the Newton city limits will be assigned a volunteer to drop off and pick up your library materials. Patrons living beyond Newton city limits may still participate, but will need to designate a volunteer who will transport library materials on their behalf. 

Homebound readers are offered a wide variety of materials including magazines, audiobooks, and print materials. Readers may also elect to request specific titles.

Contact Information

If you would like to register for the Homebound Reader service, volunteer to deliver materials, or request more information, please contact:

Rebecca Klein
Public Services Librarian
Email Rebecca
(641) 792-4108

You may also register for the Homebound Reader service online.