Awards and Commendations Descriptions


The Award of Valor is the highest recognition of achievement presented by the Newton Police Department. The Award of Valor shall be awarded to department personnel who distinguish themselves with extraordinary individual acts of bravery or heroism above and beyond which is normally expected in the line of duty at extreme, life-threatening, personal risk. Personnel must have displayed extreme courage by placing their own safety in immediate peril in the pursuit of their duties. The actions must clearly be so outstanding that it clearly distinguishes above the call of duty from lesser forms of bravery. If a member uses poor judgement or procedures which created the necessity for his/her action, they will not be eligible for this award. Recipient will receive a recognition plaque or similar award.

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The Award of Merit shall be awarded to department personnel who distinguishes themselves by meritorious achievement or meritorious service. Meritorious actions are those which clearly surpass that which is normally required or expected. The degree of merit need not be unique but must be exceptional and superior. Acts of courage which do not meet the voluntary risk of life requirements for the Award of Valor may be considered for the Award of Merit. Recipient will receive a recognition plaque or similar award.

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Awarded to department personnel or a citizen for saving a human life under circumstances in which the recipient exposed himself or herself to either personal risk and/or significant or prolonged hardship. Lifesaving efforts which do not involve this kind of personal risk or hardship (ie. basic CPR of limited duration until paramedics arrive) may be considered for another form of Citation by the Chief of Police. Recipient names will be added to the Bobby Barrickman Life Saving Award Plaque.

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Awarded for behavior or activity that does not meet the criteria for a departmental award, but exceeds the level and scope of conduct normally acknowledged through the On the Spot award or other performance recognition. The following categories are the most common application for the Chief's Citation, although other circumstances may be considered at the discretion of the Chief of Police. Recipient will receive a Certificate of Citation.

  • Lifesaving Citation - Lifesaving efforts that do not involve personal risk or significant hardship but have a dramatic impact on citizens who are recipients of the employee's assistance.
  • Citizen Assistance Citation - Citizen action or assistance that significantly benefits the community or department.
  • Problem Solving Citation - Awarded to employees who have shown creativity, initiative and/or determination in finding solutions to problems that if not addressed, would continue to negatively impact the community or department.
  • Exemplary Performance Citation - Demonstration of exemplary performance in his/her service to the department/community through work on specific projects or performance during specific incidents.

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